Sep 22

Puttering Around in Prague

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Had a nearly sleepless night in Prague due to a terribly uncomfortable bed at the hotel. The bedding was lumpy and the pillows were hard and uncomfortable. I thought I’d be in a queen size bed, but the only room available had a twin mattress that had clearly seen a lot of wear and tear. But even without a decent sleep, I awoke ready to take on the city of Prague and really enjoyed my day there. Like most tourists, I was eager to see the Charles Bridge, a beautiful and historic bridge that was built in the late 1300′s. After thoroughly enjoying the bridge and the beautiful Vltava River that it crosses, I moved on to the Prague Castle, which some claim is the biggest castle in the world. It’s certainly one of the most complex buildings I have ever seen and I spent hours touring the art galleries and the cathedral. I was so exhausted from walking around on foot that when I returned to the hotel, I no longer cared about the quality of the mattress and bed in my room and promptly fell to sleep.

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